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Florida Conference – Online Store – Change is Coming

Effective Date – on or before - August 1, 2014

Hello and thank you to each of you who have been our customers over the past several years; we appreciate you and your trust in us to be able to serve you!

And … change is in the air!

By August 1, 2014, the Florida Conference will no longer be allowed to sell Adventurer and Pathfinder NAD/GC INVESTITURE items, to any customer outside of the FL Conference Constituency base.

This is to comply with a request that the NAD Youth Ministries Department is making of us (see Official Statement below)

For all of our FL Conference constituents/members, we will continue to serve you as we have in the past.

For all of our non-FL Conference customers … we will no longer be able to serve you and your needs for Adventurer and Pathfinder NAD/GC Investiture items (Please click on the  following link to see List of Investiture Items)

Click Here



However, we will still be able to serve non-FL Conference, NAD – North American Division - customers regarding FL Conference created Adventurer (chips, stars, awards) and Pathfinder (honors) patches (again … see Official Statement below).

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and we wanted you to know well in advance to contact Advent Source or your local conference for those needs as of August 1, 2014.




Investiture* patches, pins and other uniform items created by the North American Division and General Conference for Adventurer Clubs, Pathfinder Clubs and Master Guides will only be sold to individuals/churches by their constituent conference. Conferences choosing not to stock Investiture materials may make arrangements with AdventSource to maintain an authorized code system to allow for sales of these items to member in their conference.

Unions and Conferences who develop conference awards and honors as outlined by the NAD Adventurer and Pathfinder committee protocol may sell these items to churches, conferences and unions within the North American Division.

NAD is asking that the Florida Conference comply with these guidelines on or before August 1, 2014 

NAD is asking that the Florida Conference communicate that customers within the North American Division should check with their conference for all Investiture items. Customers from outside the North American Division would be instructed to contact their Division or Union to purchase Investiture items.

The Florida Conference must purchase any NAD/GC Investiture items from AdventSource. No other provider is authorized to produce Investiture items.

NAD is asking Florida to stop distributing any ‘8 star’ Master Guide patches, pins or other uniform items

Since the NAD Pathfinder Committee has not accepted the additional classes (levels) created by the Florida Conference NAD is asking Florida to restrict the sales of these items to churches/individuals in the Florida Conference.

NAD Youth Ministries will send a letter with the above guideline to Union and Conference Youth Ministries Directors (including the current list of Investiture items). Additionally the letter will state that NAD has requested that the Florida Conference discontinue the sales of Investiture items to individuals outside of their conference. 



Pedro Perez and the FL Conference Youth Ministries Team